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Welcome to Bradford Early Education. The years before elementary school have a special kind of magic and innate love of learning. We love to be part of this special time in childhood and support the creativity and unique personality of every child at our day care in Aurora, Colorado, child care center in Greenwood Village, Colorado and all our centers.

We have a staff of qualified and experienced teachers to facilitate learning in a supportive environment that is designed to encourage creativity and exploration in a safe and secure place. We have designed our child care center in Aurora, Colorado and all our centers with the health and safety of the children in mind. Some of the precautions we have taken include secure pick up procedures and a controlled access system to enter each building.

We encourage the children to become stronger in body and mind. We meet the nutritional needs of the children with delicious, homemade meals that young kids find appealing. The activities in our child care and preschool programs have been developed and adapted to stimulate the innate curiosity in young children. Every classroom is a language rich environment that uses books, music and frequent conversations to encourage age appropriate language development.

Our preschool, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs grow with your child to meet his changing needs. As children become more independent, the programs at our preschool in Aurora, day care in Greenwood Village and all our centers encourage independence and cognitive development. The Core Knowledge Curriculum is used in our preschool, pre-kindergarten and private kindergarten programs. This curriculum has been carefully selected to ensure readiness for elementary school through advanced lessons in academic skills.

In our child care center in Aurora, Colorado, preschool in Greenwood Village, Colorado and other centers, the children are provided with a broad range of unique experiences. Each center features sports fields and large playgrounds that provide our kids with the right balance between learning and active play.

Some of the additional activities that are available include:
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Karate
  • Computer classes
  • Foreign language instruction
  • Swimming in the summer season
To learn more about the specific features of our child care center in Aurora, Colorado and each of our other centers, you can click on the icon for that center. Please contact the center director at each of our day care centers to learn more about that school, check enrollment availability and register your child.


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Highlands Ranch Learning Center
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
(Dad Clark & Broadway)

The Village Child Development Center
Greenwood Village, Colorado
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Three Bears Learning Center
Denver, Colorado
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Orchard Valley Learning Center
Centennial, Colorado
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