Building the Foundation for Your Child’s Future

At Bradford Early Education, we recognize that early education plays a large role in your child’s later academic success. Numerous studies, including the 2006 United States Early Childhood Longitudinal Study conducted by the United States Department of Education, have indicated that children who attend high quality preschools display better language, cognitive and social skills.

These studies have shown that quality early education programs cultivate longer attention spans, stronger social abilities, and better language and math skills well into elementary school. In addition, the studies reveal that children who receive quality early education are more likely to graduate from high school, more likely to hold high paying jobs, and even more likely to own their own house.

At each of our Centers, our qualified and caring teachers strive to ensure that your child experiences success every day through our exclusive B.E.E. Curriculum and various nationally recognized programs. All of our programs are designed to prepare your child for a successful future built on confidence, independence, and an awareness of the exciting world that surrounds him or her.

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